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Jim Driscoll and his Old Style Visalia

To Murray Saddle Shop:

RUSS, Thanks for the Saddle......It was worth the wait... I asked Russ to make me a saddle that had the old visalia-style look with a little modern built into it. He said, "No problem," and that is just what he did for me. It fits me great and the seat is like sitting on a cloud...here are some pictures of it... Man, the saddle looks great on him and I love it. Well, after riding in this saddle I find that my rear does not hurt anymore, as my old saddle made my tail bone sore all the time. Now my tailbone never hurts and I can ride every day, all day. It is so nice to know that when I climb on my horse and sit in this saddle that I will feel great and love every minute of it.

Great Job and Thanks Russ!

Jim and Horse
Saddle and Horse

Travis Kuppens and his SFBowman

Murray Saddle Shop:

Thanks Again,
I was made a nice SF Bowman saddle with tapaderos, saddle bags, and all of the bells and whistles. Not only was he helpful with all of my questions but he helped walk me through the designing of my saddle. He worked really hard to get it done quickly and he did a very professional and outstanding job. The first time I saw the saddle it was more amazing than I had ever imagined and the first time I rode in it...WOW! It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in and I can ride all day without getting soar or anything. It fits my horse like a glove too! Even he loves it. It is durable and well crafted. Russ does some of the best craftsmanship with leather and saddles and I will call on him for all of my needs. In fact, I am going to order a pair of chinks from him as soon as I can get a chance. I would recommend him to everyone who asks who made my saddle or who is looking for a good one. Thanks a whole lot.

- Travis Kuppens (Santa Maria, CA and Mammoth Lakes, CA) -

Travis and Horse
Saddle and Horse