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Here are all the items I have for sale at this time in the shop Feel free to call or email to inquire about said items. Thanks for visiting my website..

 15 inch SF Bowman Team Roping Saddle
15 inch SF Bowman Team Roping Saddle Used and For Sale at $3000

This 15 inch SF Bowman Team Roping Saddle has a #4 dally post horn, cheyenne roll, California round skirts and 7/8ths double D ring riggings, rear cinch, 3 piece breast collar and has a San Carlos Border and a crazy tool design... I have rode this saddle about 6 times. For Sale. Thanks

Pro Roper Full Floral

Pro Roper Full Floral is used and For Sale at $3000

This is a pro roper and is used by myself and is for sale at $3000. It is full quarter horse and the rigging is set at a half inch behind full. It has a fsterling silver screw in conchos and is great shape. I have not roped off of it and just basically used it for riding. Thanks

17 inch Wade Saddle For Sale

17 inch Wade Saddle is used and 17" Wade For Sale at $7500 and is Lighty Used

This is a 17 inch Wade with Tapaderos and full floral design with colored background. It has a 7/8ths 3 1/2 inch monel ring double rigging. It also has 21 inch tapaderos and 3 inch roper stirrups. This is a 3 1/2 X 4 inch wood post horn. It also has a matching Martingale collar and rear cinch. For Sale at $7500.

SF Bowman Half Breed with Floral
15 inch Roping Saddle an SF Bowman Half Breed with Floral is For Sale at $6000

This 15 inch Roping Saddle, an SF Bowman Half Breed with Floral is has a 7/8ths flat plate style rigging made witha ring rigging and a #4 Dally Post horn. Also has a 12 inch by 4 inch cantle with cheyenne roll. Its for sale and will be on display at D-Bar-M in Reno, NV. Stop in and talk to Jack about it. Thanks

15 inch SF Bowman Rope or Trail
15 or 16 inch SF Bowman Roping or Trail Saddles Sold

This 15 inch SF Bowman RopingSaddle or Trail has a #4 dally post horn, cheyenne roll, round skirts and double d ring riggings. Comes with latigos. I have 4 more trees like this in the shop that I can build on. Thanks

Visalia Spur Straps with Sterling Conchos
Garcia Spur Straps with Floral Stamping and Silver Conchos Sold

This pair of Visalia Spur Straps have 1 3/4' sterling silver conchos and stainless buckles. They are lined and stitched and they are for sale.

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