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Russ Murray-Maker-Washoe Valley, Nevada

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Russ Murray-Maker

Washoe Valley, Nevada

Looking for a great saddle, well then look no further and give me a call. Working with leather is something I have done since I was 12 years old while growing up in Nevada. It is something I have always enjoyed and Craftsmanship is what I strive for and continue to maintain. My saddles are made from the tree up and I make sure that the ground seat is made to fit without any pressure points and fit for your comfort. They are all handcut, and that means every piece of leather on them, and fit to the tree. I know from experience that you can not even get close to what you want by buying a manufactured saddle. The cost of my materials for a saddle are from $800 and up for one saddle and that is a plain one. When you start adding in all the tooling and other items that come with a saddle it all changes. So think about it for a while and then decide what is really the best way to spend your money. Remember, the old and very true addage, you get what you pay for. Manufactured saddles are cheaper and all pre-cut with clicker dies and nothing is made to fit you. I make sure that my saddles are made to fit your horse's and also to fit you, the person riding it most of all. I have also spent a lot of time learning from Bill Maloy, a long time saddlemaker and a member of the Traditional Cowboy Artist Assn. I go over to his shop as much as I can find time for and sit and talk and watch him work and learn how to improve my work. It is a privilege to be able to spend time with a man of his talents. I will always strive to improve my work and hopefully someday be as good an artist as Bill is.
I build saddles for all types of riding, Buckaroo saddles for people who are going to spend all day in a saddle. Also make my saddles are all different in one way or another, so I try to make what my customer wants and go from there. It is my desire to make your saddle to your liking and not mine. I also make Headstalls, Breast Collars, Saddle bags, Rear Cinches and any saddle or riding accessory to go along with them. So if your in the market for something hand made and custom, email me or give me a call. I do repair work, refurbish and generally work on most saddles.

I build my saddles with wood covered with rawhide saddle trees, stainless or brass hardware, the rigging of your choice, and #1 grade american saddle skirting from Wickett and Craig or from Siegle of California. If you give me an idea what you're looking for, I can get back to you and go over it with you and work out the details of the item your wanting. If you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to ask.

All my items are handcut and made from my own design. Every leather item that comes out of my shop is handmade by myself. If there is anything you wish and it is not listed, please feel free to contact me anytime, and also, call for pricing on items that are not listed.

And of course, I love to make handbags for the ladies. A beautiful custom handbag really completes the look. I also make a variety of handbags, handtooled or with hair-on-hide. So if you value that someone special in your life, get them something very nice, would be my advice. When in doubt, handcrafted personalized leather designs always seem to be the way to go. Beautiful leather is The Next best thing to Jewelry.

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